Service Providers

The VOCP helps approved applicants pay bills and expenses that are the direct result of injuries or losses suffered in violent crimes.

    This section of the website provides information to assist medical providers, mental health counselors, funeral professionals, and other service providers obtain compensation for providing their services to approved victims.

      Billing and Payment Information

      The fact that the VOCP has approved a victim's application does not mean that any provider or vendor bill will be paid. All victim of crime claims are limited by VOCP policy and there may not be adequate funds available for the payment of all claims. All service providers and vendors are cautioned to obtain pre-authorization for any services with the expectation that they will be paid for by the VOCP.

        To Request Pre-Authorization for Payment

        An applicant is never authorized to obtain medical or other services or products, including prescription drugs, with the expectation that such services will be paid for by the VOCP, without express, written authorization by the compensation officer.

          A medical or other provider or vendor is never authorized to provide a service or product to an applicant with the expectation that such services or product will be paid for by the VOCP, without express, written authorization by the compensation officer.

            To request Pre-Authorization for payment of crime related expense, please complete the Request for Pre-authorization form on the forms page of this website and submit it to the VOCP.

              Bills are Subject to Verification

              Payment of any bill submitted may be subject to verification by the victim or other independent verification prior to payment by the VOCP.

                Bills must be Crime Related

                Bills submitted to the VOCP by the vendor for services not provided to the approved applicant, or for services provided for conditions or reasons not related to the crime, will not be paid, and if submitted knowingly, may subject the vendor to criminal prosecution.

                  Payment in Full

                  The VOCP applies a fee schedule or other discounts when paying medical or other expenses. A provider who cashes a check from the VOCP for a service, accepts the VOCP’s payment as payment in full, and cannot bill a victim any more for that service. NRS 217.245

                    Attempting to collect additional compensation from the victim, after accepting a reduced or partial payment from the VOCP, is a criminal offense under the provisions of NRS 217.270.

                      If you receive a payment and disagree with the amount of payment, please contact our vendor liaison at (702) 433-3145 or by e-mail at before you cash the check.