Mental Health Providers

The VOCP pays up to $5,000 in mental health counseling for qualified victims. Any licensed mental health service provider can serve victims who are approved applicants with the Victims of Crime Program. Once an eligible victim goes to a licensed mental health provider for treatment and the provider submits a bill to the VOCP, the provider is listed in our system as a provider of services. To speed processing, please include verification of licensure and a completed IRS Form W-9 with the first bill submitted to the VOCP. W-9 Forms are available in the “Forms” section.

    Mental Health Bills

    Mental Health bills should be submitted with a VOCP Voucher and must contain:

    • Patient's name and address
    • Date(s) of service
    • Type(s) of service(s) provided (CPT Codes are required)
    • Billed amount
    • Provider’s license number, federal tax identification number (FEIN or SSN), business address, telephone number, signature or signature stamp, and billing date
    • Provider’s credentials must be documented on the bill (i.e. MD, PhD, LCSW, MFT, ASW, Intern)

    Payment of any bill submitted may be subject to verification by the victim or other independent verification prior to payment.

      Accepted Types of Mental Health Providers

      The following mental health providers are eligible for reimbursement at the listed rates:

        Licensed Psychiatrist (MD)  


        Licensed Psychologist (PhD)  


        Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)  

        $  90.00

        Marriage Family Therapist (MFT)  

        $  90.00

        Associate Social Worker (ASW)  

        $  90.00

        Licensed Group Therapy  

        $  45.00

        Licensed Intern  

        $  45.00