VOCP Benefits and Covered Expenses

The VOCP goal is to assist eligible victims of crime and their families cope, and recover from the physical, emotional and financial impact of violent crime. The VOCP assists victims with a variety of expenses that occur because of the crime.

    The VOCP may help pay expenses related to the crime such as:

    • Hospital and Ambulance bills
    • Medical and Dental treatment
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • Wage or income loss
    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Loss of support, for dependents of a deceased victim
    • Emergency Shelter and Relocation costs
    • Insurance co-payments
    • Crime scene cleanup
    • Medically necessary equipment such as a wheelchair
    • Childcare costs incurred because of the crime
    • Vision prosthetics and eyeglass replacement
    • Home Health Care
    • Prescription Medication
    • Home Security Repair

      VOCP can not pay the following crime related expenses:

      • Expenses for lost or stolen property or cash
      • Property damage
      • Any expense not directly related to the crime
      • Any expense payable by insurance or any other source
      • Damages for pain and suffering

        Claims are limited to $35,000

        The VOCP can only reimburse crime-related expenses that are not covered by other sources. There are limits on individual benefits and no claim may exceed $35,000.