Dental Service Providers

The VOCP may pay up to $35,000 for treatment of dental, myofacial, temporomandibular, and other conditions and injuries caused by a crime, including but not limited to:

    •  Repair or replacement of broken or damaged teeth and dentures

      •  Diagnostic x-rays

        •  Prescriptions

          • Cleaning (if necessary to provide crime-related dental procedures)

            Dental Bills

            Dental bills should be submitted with a VOCP Voucher and must contain:

              •  Patient’s name and address

                •  Date(s) of service

                  • Type(s) of service(s) provided (CPT or HCPCS codes detailing all treatment or proposed treatment are required) 

                    • HCPCS (HealthCare Common Procedure Coding System) codes

                      • Charges for each procedure

                        • Total charges

                          • Provider’s name, license number, federal tax identification number (FEIN or SSN), business address, telephone number, signature or signature stamp, and billing date.

                            Payment of any bill submitted may be subject to verification by the victim, or other independent verification prior to payment.

                              Dental Service Reimbursement Rates

                              The VOCP pays 75 percent of the amount billed (subject to review of usual and customary rates).

                                Pre-Authorized Approval for Treatment

                                Dentists may be able to obtain preauthorized approval for treatment. Dentists must submit a pre-treatment estimate on an approved American Dental Association (ADA) Claim Form to the VOCP for review. The VOCP will review the estimate to determine if the treatment is necessary and crime-related and may request additional information, such as dental records, from the dentist prior to preauthorization of payment. The VOCP will only issue payment for preauthorized treatment after the services have been provided. Contact our vendor: Cost Containment Strategies, Inc., at (702) 433-3145 or by e-mail at with questions.