The following information and resources are available.


    The VOCP has a series of forms to assist the victim, or a vendor or service provider, file a claim with the VOCP. Use of the appropriate form will help expedite processing and payment of the claim or bill. All forms are in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking on the form name:

    National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Board (NACVCB)

    The National Association of Crime Victims Compensation board provides links to the state crime victim compensation programs. You can find out specific information about each program's benefits, requirements, and procedures from clicking on the links.

    Nevada Police Deparments

    Click below for a list of Nevada police departments.

    News and Reports

    Financial, revenue, statistical and miscellaneous departmental reports.

    Victim Advocates

    The applicant may seek assistance and advice from a Victim Advocate. A list of available Victim Advocates can be found by selecting the following link.


    VOCP Policies

    Nevada Revised Statutes and Victim of Crime Program Policies.