Canadian Victims of the 1 October Event in Las Vegas, Nevada

Can Nevada’s Victims of Crime Program provide assistance to Canadian victims of the 1 October event?

Anyone present at the concert may apply to the Nevada Victims of Crime Program.

How does payment work for Canadian citizens?

The Victims of Crime program (VOCP) is unable to directly pay foreign providers who give services to victims.  The VOCP is a reimbursement based system of last resort.  That means Canadians who have access to public healthcare, should seek medical services through their usual means.  For Canadians receiving medical treatment following their return from Las Vegas, they should start with determining if their medical needs are or can be covered (or reimbursed) by their provincial healthcare program.  For services not covered they should seek coverage from their private or employment medical insurance.  If victims require mental health counseling that is not covered by their insurance, they may seek reimbursement from VOCP.  Please be aware that reimbursement is not guaranteed and may be delayed due to processing issues.  **Payment for emergency services that occurred in Las Vegas is eligible for coverage by VOCP.  If you purchased Travelers Insurance, please submit your bills to the Travelers Insurance prior to submitting them to VOCP.

Are there other resources available to Canadians?

There is some Canadian federal funding available for victims of violent crime abroad: if the applicant is eligible, they could be covered for up to $10,000 towards medical services not covered elsewhere.  Contact information for Justice Canada is on the web-page.  Provincial programs for victims of violent crime may not apply if the crime did not occur in the jurisdiction (province). Please contact your provincial program directly to inquire further.

Red Cross - The Canadian Red Cross is offering support in the form of financial assistance through an electronic transfer of funds, as well as support for the emotional and mental well-being of people affected as they begin to grieve and recover from this traumatic event. Those seeking more information or assistance available from the Red Cross, are asked to call 1-800-863-6582. When calling, please inform the call center agent that you are calling to speak with a Red Cross caseworker regarding the October 1st events in Las Vegas. The agent will then take your information and a Red Cross caseworker will follow up within 2 business days to assess your needs and advise in more detail how the Red Cross can support you as you endure this difficult time. Please note, if you are seeking financial assistance, the Red Cross will require proper validation to ensure you were directly impacted by the October 1st events.


The Red Cross assistance hours of operation are as follows: Monday - Friday from 0830AM -1630PM Eastern Time